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Людовик, Франция
--- изучает немецкий

Hello! My name is Ludovic. I am a 29 y.o. student of ZaZa School from Paris. I live and work currently in Germany. I have not so much time to learn german language and attend school. Online lessons in ZaZa was the best decision. I learn German much faster on my individual lessons with very proffesional teacher. Also it is very flexible!

Анастасия, Украина
--- изучает английский

Before my trip to America, a close friend recommended ZaZa Online School to me and shared his great experiences in English learning. I tried six months and found that the lessons were easy to learn and interesting. The teachers are patient and kind. They tired to connect language learn with some cultural knowledge to help me connect with locals. The course is 24/7, and allow me to learn at my own pace. I will highly recommend the course, it really works.

Аманда, Южная Корея
--- изучает английский

My name is Amanda. I am from South Korea. I learn English online for one year with ZaZa School. I travel a lot, so I need English to communicate with people, to meet new friends, to open new work opportunities. It is really cool experience. I have my own professional tutor. It is really cheap and flexible. I highly recommend ZaZa school, try it!

Лариса Янис
--- Изучает английский

Эффективные Курсы для изучения Английского Языка, современные учебные пособия и подход к занятиям. Очень нравится заниматься с педагогом, отлаженная система работы во всем. Есть с чем сравнивать, поэтому рекомендую всем!