Bucksmore,Intensive English/IELTS Preparation


Located in world-famous universities, these programmes are
for enthusiastic students who want to accelerate their learning
experience by putting their language skills into practice through
varied learning styles and authentic workshops such as drama,
debating and English literature.

Who is this course for?
• Motivated students with a
specific English language goal
• Students who have been away from
home before and feel confident
in a bustling city location
• Students looking for a more broad
and detailed learning experience that
takes them beyond the classroom
Learning outcomes
Learning outcomes
• Build language skills and
confidence across multiple
areas of English language
• Clear representation of progression
from beginning to end via
student reports and testing
• Firm definition of English level
on completion of course using
Bucksmore Assessment
• Introduction to exam techniques
and English for Academic Purposes
using academic skill sessions
• Improved independence and
confidence residing in prestigious
UK university locations

The IELTS preparation programme is for students planning to
take the IELTS examination, fine-tuning their English language
skills and preparation for IELTS.

The programme provides language support, as well as developing key insights
and knowledge surrounding the IELTS examination content, marking criteria and
examination skills, with a biweekly in-house IELTS mock examination and one-to-one
tailored feedback from our IELTS experts. At the end of the course, students have the
option to take the IELTS examination.

Additional info

Age range 13-18
Location King's College London


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