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Frequently Asked Questions

Study Abroad Questions

When can I start a course?

There are starting dates throughout the whole year for all levels. For beginners there is usually a starting date once a month and for all other levels there are generally starting dates every Monday throughout the year. The courses start on a  Monday and finish on a Friday. There are no lessons held during the weekends. But you can participate some activities or take a tour around city.

Does the school offer excursions?

Yes, every one of our partner schools offers an activity programme. The activities can consist of cultural lectures, city excursions, parties, weekend excursions, sports etc. Some activities are free of charge, but for other you will have to pay at school.

Are there any language courses for absolute beginners?

Yes, certainly! You can book a language course with us as an absolute beginner and after two weeks, you’ll already have reached a level with which you can make yourself understood in certain everyday situations.

How early should I book a language course?

We recommend you begin booking a course approximately 3 months in advance, so as to avoid disappointment. The complete payment will have to be deposited 5 weeks before the beginning of the actual course.

Connect & See the world

Ludovic, France
--- Learning German

Hello! My name is Ludovic. I am a 29 y.o. student of ZaZa School from Paris. I live and work currently in Germany. I have not so much time to learn german language and attend school. Online lessons in ZaZa was the best decision. I learn German much faster on my individual lessons with very proffesional teacher. Also it is very flexible!

Anastasia, Ukraine
--- Learning English

Before my trip to America, a close friend recommended ZaZa Online School to me and shared his great experiences in English learning. I tried six months and found that the lessons were easy to learn and interesting. The teachers are patient and kind. They tired to connect language learn with some cultural knowledge to help me connect with locals. The course is 24/7, and allow me to learn at my own pace. I will highly recommend the course, it really works.

YoonKyung Lee, South Korea
--- Learning English

My name is Amanda. I am from South Korea. I learn English online for one year with ZaZa School. I travel a lot, so I need English to communicate with people, to meet new friends, to open new work opportunities. It is really cool experience. I have my own professional tutor. It is really cheap and flexible. I highly recommend ZaZa school, try it!

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