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The Contract

For foreign languages learning at the courses of ZaZa school

Edited on July 1, 2009

Ltd “ZaZa Education”, represented by the General Director Usok Natal’ya Vasil’venva, acting on the basis of the Regulations, publishes the present contract for distant foreign languages’ courses, being the public offer for physical and legal entities and published on the following address: https://zazaschool.com/ru/terms-conditions

1. Conditional agreements

1.1. The conditional agreements are the definitions stated in the present Contract being the integral part of it.

1.2. The definitions are interpreted basing upon their essence and the contents of the present Contract. Below there is the list of those definitions:

1.3. Services – distant teaching of foreign languages to the Customer by means of electronic voice messaging.

1.4. Lesson – a lesson of foreign language. The duration of one lesson is 45 minutes.

1.5. The Customer – any physical or legal entity who has visited the web-site english-natali.ru, and having the intention to study a foreign language and pay for the Services.
1.6. Contractor – LTd “ZaZa Education”

2. The accept of the Contract

2.1. The text of the present contract is a public offer (in accordance with article 435 and part 2 of article 437 of the RF Civil code. )

2. Accept (the acceptance) of an offer is the payment for the services by means of pre-payment in order defined by the present Contract and the usage of Contractor’s services. The acceptance of the present Contract by the Customer means that he completely agrees with all the provisions of the present contract.

3. General provisions
3.1. The relationship in the sphere of consumers’ rights protection are regulated by the RF civil code, the law “On consumers’ rights’ protection” and the federal laws and legal acts of the Russian Federation accepted in compliance with them.

4. Subject of the contract
4.1. In compliance with the conditions of the present Contract, the Contractor undertakes to provide the customer with the services represented by the distant lessons of foreign languages with the customer using the program Skype. http://www.skype.com

4.2.  The Contractor has no right to prefer one person before another as to signing the present Contract, except other cases stipulated by the law and other legal acts.

4.3 The method and the format of distant learning if defined by the Contractor, considering the Customer’s wishes before payment for the services, and also during the learning process.

5. The partiesrights and responsibilities
The Contractor undertakes to:

5.1.Duly provide the services stated in p 4.1 of the present contract in compliance with the conditions of the contract and within the terms approved by the parties.

5.2. Not disclose the confidential information and the data provided by the Customer in relation to the execution of the present contract.

The Contractor has the right to:

5.3. Use the services of any physical and legal entities for the purpose of timely and high-quality execution of contractual obligations.

5.4. Demand from the Customer to provide the payment duly and completely for the services in compliance with the conditions of the present Contract.

The Customer undertakes to:

5.5. Duly and completely pay the services’ cost within the order in terms and in the amount stated by the present Contract.

5.6. Provide the Contractor with the data necessary for fulfillment of contractual obligations.

5.7. Not disclose the confidential information and the data provided by the Customer in relation to the execution of the present contract.

The Customer has the right to:

5.8.  Use the 5-lessons package within 30 calendar days since the payment date, use 10-lessons package within 45 calendar days since the payment date, use 20-lessons package within 90 calendar days since the payment date, use 30-lessons package within 135 calendar days since the payment date, use 50-lessons package within 225 calendar days since the payment date, use 70-lessons package within 315 calendar days since the payment date, use 100-lessons package within 450 calendar days since the payment date.

5.9. Demand from the Contractor the timely fulfillment of his contractual obligations with the due quality.
5.10. Refuse the fulfillment of contractual conditions in case the Contractor hasn’t started fulfilling the obligations on the present Contract.

5.11. The Customer has the right to change the teacher not more than 2 times. He informs the Contractor about his wish by e-mail or by Skype.

6. The conditions of studies carrying-out and transfer

6.1. The Contractor contacts the Customer by Skype and carries-out the lesson. The lessons can be carried-out one after another according to the Customer’s wish. The Customer may call the teacher himself according to special arrangement with the Contractor.

6.2. The Customer has the right to transfer the lesson to another time. He is obliged to tell the Contractor about it by Skype or e-mail. In this case the lesson is considered to be transferred and is carried-out in other time.

6.3. If the Customer doesn’t tell the Contractor within 8 hours and doesn’t answer the calls and Skype messages, the lesson is considered to be conducted and can’t be transferred to other time.

6.4. If the Customer doesn’t get a call from the teacher within the arranged time plus five munities, then he is obliged to immediately contact the Contractor by Skype or e-mail.

6.5. The lessons which were not conducted by Contractor’s fault are transferred to another time comfortable for the Customer without loss.

7. The cost of services and the order of payment

7.1. The cost of Contractor’s services and the possible payment methods are published on the web-site on the address: https://zazaschool.com/study-online . The services cost is stated including all the necessary taxes and Contractor’s expenses within the frameworks of services provision.

7.2. The services payment on the present Contract is carried-out on the basis of 100% pre-payment and within the order stated by the present Contract.

7.3. The services cost may change dependently from market conditions, which is reflected on the web-site. The Contractor cannot change the services cost for a certain customer in case he has already accepted the Contractor’s conditions and paid for the lessons within the order stated by the present Contract.

7.4. The payment moment is the incoming of money to the Contractor’s account.

7.5. The Customer himself is responsible for the correctness of his payments.

7.6. The Customer himself pays for the connection services necessary for provision of services by the Contractor.

7.7  The return of funds upon contract cancellation is carried out minus 20% commission fee from the paid sum and minus the Contractor’s expenses.

7.8. The Customer needs to write the notice for the refund to the General director stating the reason for refund.

7.9. The refund is carried-out minus 20% from the unused sum within 30 calendar days after reviewing the Customer’s refund notice. The refund is carried-out to the same payment card within 30 calendar days.

7.10 In case the Customer doesn’t use the service package within the period of time defined by p 5.8 of the present contract, he has no right to demand the same reduction of the present contract price proportionally to the amount of unused lessons and demand the refund from the Contractor in accordance with the order provided by p 7.2 of the present Contract.

8. The parties’ responsibility

8.1. The parties responsibilities not provided by the present contract are implemented in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

8.2. The Contractor and the Customer are responsible for the non-fulfillment of undue fulfillment of the contractual obligations in accordance with the conditions of the present contract and the valid legislation of the Russian Federation.

9. Force-majeure

9.1. Upon occurrence of force-majeure (in the explanation accepted by the practice of the court of Russia’s commercial and industrial chamber arbitrage), excluding or preventing the fulfillment of contractual obligations, the Parties have no mutual claims and each Party accepts the risk of the consequences of such conditions.

10. Arguments resolution

10.1. Arguments which may occur upon the present contract will be resolved by means of negotiations between the parties of the contract.

10.2. In case the arguments stated in p 10.1 are not resolved by the stated method they are due to be regulated in the court in compliance with the valid legislation of the Russian Federation.

11. The contract term

11.1. The present Contract is signed for the period equal to the duration of the lessons paid by the Customer.

11.2. The present Contract remains valid in case of change of the Parties’ details, change of their foundation documents, including but not limited to the change of the owner, organization and legal form, etc. In case of the details’ change the parties are obliged to tell each other about this in 10-days term.

12. The Contractor’s details

Ltd “ZaZa Education”

ZaZa GmbH & Co. KG
Weyerstr. 60
50676 Köln, Germany
Managing director Natalia Cragg
IBAN: DE39 3602 0030 0006 7408 39
Email: info@zazaschool.com
Tel. +49 151 41927475

Managing director Natalia Cragg



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