Tamwood, Toronto



As a Tamwood student in Toronto, you can explore the city’s lively nightlife, excellent shopping and wonderful cultural events and festivals. If you are a sports fan, this is a great place to catch live action with Toronto’s professional baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer teams.

Toronto is Canada’s largest city with a multicultural population of more than 4 million. The city is known for its safety and getting around is easy with a 24-hour public transportation system, including a subway system, buses and streetcars.

If you plan to travel, Toronto is a fantastic location as destinations like Niagara Falls, Montreal, New York and Chicago are all within reach.

Language Course Skill Builder (28 lessons per week)

Available for students studying in Toronto and Vancouver only. Ideal for students who want to improve their overall fluency and build specific language skills. Includes the Essential English class and the Special Interest classes. CLASS SIZE Average 14, Maximum 18.

Enjoy a truly multicultural Canadian experience with homestay families coming from a variety of diverse backgrounds. Most students choose this option as it’s more convenient, cost efficient and safe, especially for those coming to a foreign land where they don’t know anyone. Our experienced Accommodation Manager carefully screens and selects friendly hosts who provide a safe and caring environment. Staying with a host will allow for intercultural exchanges and help you practice your English while learning about Canadian traditions and culture.

Additional info

Dates every Monday 2018.
Duration from 2 weeks
Age From 18 years old
Course General English 28 lessons per week
Accommodation Host Family, Single, HB or FB

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