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from 420€/2 weeks

About the school

Located in Tours, capital city of the Loire Valley, one hour away from Paris, Institut de Touraine welcomes you all year long. Since its foundation in 1912, over 2000 students come every year for the quality of our French courses and our teachers training.

Institut de Touraine (Qualite FLE label) is under the academic supervision of the University François-Rabelais of Tours. It offers French language programs to all levels : intensive programs, small groups, private lessons and training for teachers of French as foreign language.

French language courses

The courses of French at the Institute are designed for students of all levels (minimum age is 16). They are provided by teachers specialized in French as a foreign language (FFL).

The duration of the French programs (from 2 week to 1 year) and their contents are adapted to the needs and goals of each student. Learning French at Institut de Touraine also allows you to meet students from all over the world.  There are at least 30 different nationalities each week. Students can accelerate learning by adding private lessons („combi“ course with a standard course and 2 hours of private tuition per week).

  • Intensive Course – 21 hours
  1. 15 hours of language course (morning class) with two teachers
  2. 1.5 hours of phonetics
  3. 1.5 hours of tutorials (oral and reading/writing competences)
  4. 3 hours of cultural workshops (French civilization, fashion, gastronomy, literature, arts, etc.) or French for specific purpose, action-based units(volunteering, webzine, higher education counselling), or DELF/DALF exam preparation courses.

2 weeks – 590€, 3 weeks – 880€, 4 weeks – 1170€

  • Standard course – 15 hours
  1. 15 hours of general French (20 lessons) to work on oral and writing skills with two teachers
  2. Alternate work between writing and oral skills

2 weeks – 420€, 3 weeks – 630€, 4 weeks – 840€

  • Combi course – standard & private tuition
  1. 15 hours of general French (standard course, morning class) – 20 lessons
  2. 2 hours of private lessons in the afternoon.

2 weeks – 700€, 3 weeks – 1045€, 4 weeks – 1390€

  • Discovery course – French language & culture
  1. a standard 15 hour course OR an intensive 22.5 hour course over 2 to 4 weeks
  2. 15 hours of cultural activities over 2 weeks, including: one full day excursion, one half-day excursion, a cooking class and a wine workshop.
  3. Course available ONLY in summer

2 weeks – 560€, 4 weeks – 1120€

  • Exam preparation course – DELF B1 or B2
  1. In addition to the standard course ( 15h) or the intensive course (21h) per week
  2. Preparation of the standard exams, listening and reading strategy, work on vocabulary
  3. Reinforcement of the knowledge of contemporary France

4 weeks – 240€, 6 weeks – 360€

  • Professional French, French for specific purposes (FOS)

Provided by teachers who specialize in French for Specific Purposes(FOS), these professional French courses are designed based on the needs of the public. Institut de Touraine provides the following personalized courses:

  1. Medical French
  2. Legal French
  3. Military French
  4. Business French
  5. Diplomatic and international relations French
  6. Tourism French
  7. Fashion French
  8. Gastronomic French
  • Summer courses for teachers of French as a foreign language

This training program aims to improve teachers’ didactical and language knowledge and practice – whether they have recently graduated or are experienced French teachers. Duration: from 1 to 4 weeks.

Choose between 2 options:

  1. 20 hrs. per week: You will follow an intensive didactic course and will be free most afternoons to discover our region or to work autonomously on your personal projects
    • Morning classes from 8:30 to 12:15 and early afternoon twice a week
    • + Optional personal work in the resource centre from 1:30 every afternoon
  2. 25 hrs. per week: You want to take advantage of your stay to reinforce your language and phonetic skills
    • Morning classes from 8:30 to 12:15 and early afternoon twice a week
    • + 1 unit “Linguistic and phonetic reinforcement” three afternoons per week in the afternoon
    • + Optional personal work in the resource centre after class

1 week – € 310(20 h/week)  and € 340(25 h/week)
2 weeks – € 620 and € 680
3 weeks – € 910 and € 1’000
4 weeks – € 1’200 and € 1’320



Half board: breakfast and dinner
What’s included: half board during the week and full board on weekends. Laundry twice a week. Towels and bed sheets, free Wi-Fi
Distance to the school: 5- 30 minutes (walking distance)

Single room + shared bathroom: 196 € per week
Single room + private bathroom: 231€ per week
Double room + shared bathroom: 161 € per week
Double room + private bathroom: 175€ per week


What’s included: furnished studio flat, towels and bed sheets, laundry (not free), Wi-Fi
Distance to the school: 10-20 minutes (walking distance)
Notice: once month

Léonard de Vinci
Stay over three months: 550 € per month (no TV set, electricity account to open, one month deposit)
Stay between 30 nights and 3 months: 22.30€ per night. (TV set, bed made on arrival, electricity included, no deposit, no advance notice)

Stay over 3 months: 550 € per month


What’s included: furnished studio flats, flats or houses
Distance to the school: 5-20 minutes (walking distance)
Notice: one month
Deposit: one month rent
Studio flats: 600 to 900 € per month depending on standing
Apartments/houses: 800 € to 2000 € per month depending on standing


What’s included: furnished studio flats or bedroom, bed sheets and towels, cleaning and cooking kit, laundry (not free), Wi-Fi
Distance to the school: 20-30 minutes (walking distance)
Notice: one week
Deposit: 100 €
Tonnelé, H. Boucher, Rabelais (studio flats): 470 € per m. / 270 € for 2 wk.
Single room with private bth (C. Colomb): 380 € per m. / 220 € for 2 wk.


What’s included: single or double room
Distance to the Institut : 5-10 minutes (walking distance)
2-star hotel: 75-90 € per night for a single room w/o breakfast
3-star hotel: 95-120€ per night for a single room w/o breakfast

Additional info

Age from 16 y.o.
Duration 2 - 48 weeks
Courses Intensive Course - 21 hours, Standard course - 15 hours, Combi course - standard & private tuition, Discovery course - French language & culture, Exam preparation course - DELF B1 or B2
Accommodation Host families, students' dormitories, furnished apartments, hotel

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